Word for Legal Discussion

the formal procedure by which a case is commenced in England and Wales, an appeal which passes directly from the High Court to the Supreme Court without failing to hear the Court of Appeal established methods of dealing with cases before the courts legal information that a judge has given to a jury on the legal issues of a case a legal case, In civil proceedings between the formal commencement of proceedings and the end of proceedings, reference is made to proceedings for bringing legal proceedings against a legal person, mainly in the United Kingdom. The adjective interlocutory is more commonly used in the United States. An official statement in which a judge declares that he disagrees with the other judges in a legal case under U.S. law, the result of which will be used as a model for similar cases in the future English version of the Thesaurus of Judicial Proceedings and Judicial Proceedings. This type of lawsuit is also known as a lawsuit, a legal case organized by a group of people who all have the same problem. Nglish: Translation of the discussion for Spanish-speaking legal issues for the first time a legal case is heard in court, if a claim or case is well-founded, a court deems it sufficient, To be heard legally when a judge summarizes a case, you give a summary of all the evidence that has been presented. To define a legal term, enter a word or phrase below. Primarily journalism is a legal matter or a political issue that interests many people and discuss the right way to handle a court case or other legal issue that ensures that people`s rights are legally protected a meeting of a court or official organization to find out the facts about something of legal evidence and documents to use in court principle, that a judicial decision taken by a senior judge in future cases or an example of such a judgment must follow a legal action brought by a woman against a man to determine that he is the father of her child and therefore responsible for providing financial support, mainly British the process of providing evidence and other documents to those involved in a court case. Disclosure is sometimes called discovery (of documents). legalAmerican a list of cases awaiting to be dealt with by a court A court case in which a person is tried by a jury (= a group of ordinary people selected for this purpose) legally facilitates the process of reviewing a case in court and deciding whether someone is guilty or innocent.

the right to ask a court or other official body to consider changing a decision with which you disagree. a formal request for assistance from a court to a court in another country a second case before a court that takes place because the first trial was considered unfair or ended without a verdict. to show or make you believe that someone is guilty of a crime. A simple court case that can be decided quickly A system in which the government pays for people to seek advice on the law or be represented in court if they don`t have enough money to do so A trial in which a person accused of a crime negotiates with the prosecutor`s office to get a lesser charge, to tell the court whether or not you are facing a prosecution or a complaint that someone brings before the court, a procedure that has not been done properly and needs to be restarted. The process or act of charging someone with a crime and asking a court to try them The length of time a person accused of a crime waits for trial to try someone to find out if they are guilty of a crime A court`s official attempt to determine the cause of a person`s death. criminal proceedings initiated by an individual or a private organisation and not, as is usually the case, by the State of England and Wales, Actions which a court normally expects of the parties before bringing a case before a court a hearing in a proceeding to decide whether or not evidence, a witness or a member of the jury should be admitted an order of a judge, Stopping or delaying something with which a court officially sends a mentally ill person to the hospital, a matter that a court must decide that involves a disagreement between two people or organizations, the process by which the courts determine the meaning of certain laws and their application. in the case of a person in pre-trial detention or pre-trial detention, the fact that he or she may be the subject of a hearing.